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The transmission is a complicated part of your car that can fail at any time for many reasons. You have three choices when it comes to fixing this problem – repairing, rebuilding, or replacing the whole thing. Here at Express Auto Repair, we’ll go over the differences between these options to help give you a better understanding. Let’s take a look.

When to Repair Transmission

The transmission of a car is composed of many parts. Each component plays an important role in keeping your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently, but they can all wear or endure damage independently from each other.  Having the transmission repaired will just focus on replacing the parts needed to get your transmission running again.

Transmission repairs are often necessary, but it is important to recognize that they may not solve the underlying issue. A transmission with too much damage can cause minor issues to arise sooner than later.

Repairs are a better option when the issue is only surface level. If a technician must take more time to disassemble the transmission, then the process can end up costing more.  If the problem is deep into the transmission, then a rebuild may become a better option.

When to Rebuild Transmission

A transmission rebuild is a complex process and involves a technician to take apart the entire transmission. During this process, each part is inspected and evaluated for any damage, wear, or other issues. As transmission issues are found, any parts that need repair or replacement will be done.

After disassembly, the careful rebuild process begins which is labor-intensive and requires immense attention to detail. Once the rebuild is complete, the technician will reinstall it in your vehicle. In some cases, a transmission may have too much damage and the only other option is to completely replace the transmission.

When to Replace Transmission

Sometimes replacing the transmission altogether is the best option, but it is important to note that you may not receive a brand-new transmission. While there may be availability for new transmissions for some types of cars, it is not a given.

If the transmission is not brand-new, you will often have to consider a remanufactured or refurbished transmission as a replacement. Then, any necessary repairs or can be done on that transmission if it has no major issues.

Consider the Costs

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fixing your transmission. However, transmission repairs can vary in cost depending on the shop, nature of the transmission issues, and other factors. It’s also possible in some cases that a minor repair can cost more than a transmission replacement. In general, if a transmission repair will cost more than a rebuild, then the rebuild is the better choice. If a replacement costs less than a repair or rebuild, then replacement is the best option. Most importantly, transmission services should only be done by experienced professionals in reputable shops, like Express Auto Repair.

If you are experiencing any issues with your vehicle’s transmission, let our certified experts perform an inspection. Our reputable team of mechanics at Express Auto Repair will help you understand any issues with your vehicle and get you back on the road safely. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote!