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Are you having problems with your car and in need of a mechanic to help fix it? If so, it’s important that you ask them the right questions to ensure you find the best one to get the job done and avoid any surprises down the road. Here are five questions you need to ask when choosing a mechanic to fix your car.

Are You Certified?

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification ensures that technicians can diagnose crucial automotive systems. These technicians are retested every five years to maintain their skills. This certification also shows that a technician has up-to-date knowledge of all the changes in modern vehicles. If a technician is not ASE certified, ask what certifications they do have and check for any certificates on their office walls. Typically, reputable repair shops will proudly display these in their businesses.

Do You Provide Written Estimates?

When you bring your car in for service, make sure to ask about the cost of repairs before starting any work to avoid any surprises. It would be best to inquire whether your mechanic gives estimates before working on your car. The estimate process can be tricky and intimidating without knowing how much it will end up costing beforehand. So, be sure you get an estimate before spending any cash.

It is recommended that you get a clear estimate in writing with every expense known beforehand. Also, make it very clear that you be called for approval if any additional parts or work are required.

It’s important to note that an estimate is just an estimate, and no mechanic can give you an exact amount without inspecting your vehicle first. A trustworthy mechanic will provide you with a thorough and complete estimate.

Will I Have a Warranty on Service and Parts?

While the mechanics might do a fantastic job, the car parts they installed may be far from perfect. Sometimes situations occur where the mechanic has done their work properly, but the car part itself fails. Generally, repair shops handle these situations by offering a warranty up to a certain limit, time, or mileage. Make sure you ask for this information beforehand, understand their policies and ask any questions.

Have You Worked on My Vehicle’s Make and Model?

Most repair shops provide services on the most popular vehicle makes and models. However, many technicians are trained and certified to service-specific makes and models. Taking your car to a specialized shop or the dealership’s service department can ensure your car is repaired by one of these specifically certified technicians but be prepared to pay more at these places for parts and labor.

How Long Have You Been in This Business?

Check reviews for a list of happy customers and experiences. Mechanics who have been in business for a while and offer positive feedback from satisfied customers should be a good indication that you can trust that they will do a good job fixing your car.

When your car needs a repair, it can be tempting to just take it to the first mechanic you find or go for the cheapest option. However, not all mechanics are created equal. Asking these five questions will help you choose a qualified and reputable mechanic who can fix your car right the first time. Do your research ahead of time so you know what to look for and what questions to ask. eand don’t be afraid to ask people you trust for recommendations.