As an automobile has thousands of parts that function together in an amazing assembly, it is inevitable that at some point, some of them are going to falter. When they do, sometimes the result is minor, or sometimes it sets off a chain of events that can lead to serious or even fatal consequences. When it’s your engine trying to tell you something, it’s in your best interest to listen!

Here are some worrisome sounds you might hear and what your engine might be trying to tell you:

(1) A Squealing Sound While Braking

As this is a common occurrence, but can lead to serious danger, this is up here first. Keep in mind, a squealing sound when braking doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything seriously wrong with your brakes. There may just be some dirt built up in some of the mechanisms; something a little cleaning can have right as rain.

On the other hand, if you ignore this sound, you might be cruising down the interstate at 75 MPH and discover that your brakes no longer work, putting your life in danger as well as that guy over there on the motorcycle, that family in the SUV beside you, those road workers up ahead . . . not to mention all the considerably vehicle and highway damage that could result from this negligence.

Choose safety first and have these checked out if you hear that sound. Even if it was a little dirt, it’s still a win because you’ve ruled out the alternative.

(2) Knock Knock

No, your engine is probably not hoping that you’ll ask, “Who’s there?” These sounds are no joke — they can be indicative of an issue with ignition. This can mean damage to the spark plug, distributor cap, fuel filter, or fuel injector. A professional needs to be consulted immediately to ensure that a serious engine problem does not occur.

(3) Hissing Sounds

Your engine may be overheating, or it could be an indication of an issue with the exhaust system or catalytic converter. Possibly there are different types of leaks that could be dripping fluid onto the engine as well. Whatever the case may be, this is a sign that you need to have a car repair mechanic have a look at it.

These situations have the potential to quickly escalate into a dangerous situation where an engine could blow out, potentially inflicting serious injury to anyone in the vicinity and definitely costing you a pretty penny because engine replacement is in the thousands of dollars.

(4) Pop Pop

This sound can certainly strike fear in the heart of a driver on a dark, lonely road. Pops are often caused by engine exhaust leaks or dirty air filters. Nonetheless, make sure an expert takes a look to provide proper determination and mechanical repair.

(5) Rumbling

Hearing a rumbling while you’re driving could mean that there’s a hole in your muffler. The potential threat here is that fumes will leak into the car’s cabin and into the lungs of anyone in the vehicle.

Rumbling and shaking could cylinders misfiring, the culprit being a faulty spark plug.

In either case, take immediate action to ensure your car and any travelers are safe and protected from danger.

Where Can I Get Help?

It is tempting to close your eyes and hope it goes away when you encounter one of these sounds while driving in your vehicle. This is not the best solution to the problem.

Neglect can result in a far more serious problem, and if money is your concern, the consequences of further damages caused by ignoring these warnings far outweigh the expenses of early detection.

Fortunately, Express Auto Repair in the Colorado Springs area knows exactly how to handle these situations and more. They want to ensure that you are safe and that your engine purrs like a kitten instead of hissing like a snake.

Locate their auto repair shop to find quality mechanics who care about you and your vehicle and will keep you and your family safe by detecting any threats and diffusing any problems.