winterizing auto care colorado springs

November and December, the delightful winter travel months, have finally arrived. It’s the season for lavish turkey feasts and gatherings with friends and family around the Christmas tree. It’s also the season for slick, icy roads and bumper-to-bumper highway gridlock. You’ll need a positive mindset, patience, and a well-maintained vehicle to get through the season.

Here are some suggestions from Express Auto Repair in Colorado Springs for getting your automobile ready for those often arduous but ultimately rewarding Holiday road travels.

Oil Changes

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Sure, we all fudge the scheduling between oil change intervals by 500 (or 1,000!) miles now and then, but the holidays are the time when you don’t want to risk mechanical issues; moreover, look at your odometer or the useful reminder sticker on the upper corner of your windshield. Stick to the sticker or odometer reading to the letter!

The recommended intervals vary between every 3,000 miles if you use conventional oil; and every 5,000 to 6,000 miles for synthetic oil. Be sure to check with your mechanic or the oil manufacturer for your oil needs. Regardless, don’t push the mileage too far beyond the recommendations because the sooner you do the safer your car will be.

Minor and Major Service

Here’s a basic rule to remember: In addition to or in conjunction with your oil changes, your automobile will require minor or major service starting at 15,000 miles and then at 15,000-mile intervals. Consider the terms Odd and Even, as you’re probably looking at minor service at odd intervals (15K, 45K, 75K, etc.).

It’s probably time for regular significant service if the mileage is consistent (30K, 60K, 90K, etc.). For the precise suggested time/mileage of your next scheduled service, consult your Owner’s Manual or contact us at Express Auto Repair. To ensure that nothing is overlooked, we can run a full diagnostic checkup.

Winter Tires

Here are some questions to ponder in regard to the condition of your tires:
What do you think about the tread? You don’t have to be an expert to have a hunch about the safety of your tire if they’re starting to look bald.Are you familiar with the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) tire tread regulations? Read it through and check to see if your tires are winter-safe.

How many miles have you put on the tires so far?

Is your spare tire ready to step in and help you out if you have a flat?

Are you getting the best gas mileage with your tires? Over time, underinflated or mismatched tires/wheels can reduce your mileage.

Minor and Major Auto Body Issues

You don’t want to be driving in a snowstorm with a severely cracked windshield or a substantially damaged passenger door, but what about minor issues like a cracked headlamp, burned out headlights, or broken brake lights?

While it may be tempting to brave the cold on that Christmas Eve trip, why take a chance? When you go behind the wheel, everyone’s safety is on the line, and many minor body concerns can be resolved quickly. We understand that time is of the utmost during the holidays, and our team at Express Auto Repair is ready to handle any last-minute minor difficulties that will set your mind at ease once they’re resolved.


There’s no need to go all out and detail your automobile to the point where it looks like it did the first time you drove it off the lot; however, a quick cleaning inside and out before your Thanksgiving or Christmas drive can lift everyone’s spirits and get your winter road trip off on the right track.

If you have any routine maintenance due or any queries, give us a call at Express Auto Repair, your local Colorado Springs car care experts. No matter how big or small, our professionals will update you on the general upkeep of your vehicle before you take your loved ones on that winter road trip you’ve been planning.